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  • mainly produces and sells Diesel Generators and Gas Generators, inland diesel generators from 3-3000 KVA, marine power emergent diesel generators from 12-500KW and kinds of imported diesel generators, movable power station, low-noise, multi-pieces connection, remote monitoring, generators with ATS, and gas generators. We persistently insist in high standard of product quality and lay on strict requirements on it, according to the policy of real price for survival and good quality for development.

  • We have a lot of loyal crafts and technologies and testing procedures. We are a trustworthy enterprise authorized by Quality Control Office of Jiangsu Province,AAA qualified enterprises, ISO9001-2000 certification. Besides, marine diesel generators have been regarded as the company specialized in producing marine generators. Our company is proud of good reputation, high credit, precise technology and advanced equipments.

  • Generator established good reputation by convincing quality and services in the global diesel generators industries, and our products have been exported to more than 80 countries on five continents.



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